Project Description


Sussex Based Artist Working in Acrylic Paint

He achieved the title of Press Gazette Photographer of the Year (weekly) 2007 but after thirty years with the West Sussex County Times, latterly as head of photography, he was faced with redundancy. With this sudden turn of fate Steve is now able to fully immerse himself in his love of painting.

His work is currently displayed in Sussex and Surrey and he has also sold in France and America.

For inspiration Steve has drawn on his experience of living in the South of England. He enjoys the versatility of acrylics to express his reaction to these local subjects.

He finds the use of impasto techniques with palette knives adds a vigorous quality to his impressions.

“I want to capture the mood in a scene rather than be too representational. As a photographer I can capture a realistic image with my camera. In paint I can more deeply explore my feelings and emotional responses to subjects. I find it so much more rewarding.”

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